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Sunday, April 7

Date on April ♥

06/04/13 Saturday ♥ 

Lunch treat at KFC :)

I'm going to Monsters University. SOON ;)


We watched The Host movie!

SWEET! Action. Adventure. Romance ♥ 4/5 star


07/04/13 Sunday 
It's the day for movie marathon!


We watched the Warm Bodies movie! 12pm

Comedy. Horror. Romance ♥ 4/5 star

And we watched the G.I Joe: Retaliation movie!

It's THRILL! Action. Adventure. Sci-Fi ♥ 5/5 star

Lotus sport car from the movie The Host! AWESOME 
Location: Pavilion!

The end of the date! Thanks love 

Lots of ♥ SERI

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