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Friday, February 15

PD, 3h 2m ♥

Jyeahhh! We're ready to go on vacation ;)




Terima kasih Ya Allah.
Nasbi baik bawak charger, jumpa plug akhirnya :D


Lunch for today --->
Udang, ayam, ikan, sotong. Semuanya bakar.
Marshmallow sekali! Hehe

Dinner at D'Anjung Samudra Restaurant.
Feeling-feeling tepi pengkalan bot gitu :D

How I miss my childhood memories :')
And it's time to go home.


Lunch at PD Waterfront's McDonald's --->

Byebye Port Dickson!
See you soon. Maybe. Vacation. Again. Haha

Lots of ♥ SERI

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