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Friday, December 28

Working for Christmas's Season ♥

Started working from 22th - 28th December 2012.
At Marks & Spencer The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City.
I've been worked there before so, I've got the experience :)

My very 1st day ♥
Setapak Jaya > LRT Sri Rampai > KL Sentral > Mid Valley

Must be a very busy-like-a-bee day on Christmas!
Just because of the SALE! ;)

HOHOHO Merry Christmas!

My very last dayyyy ♥
Got an eyebag for a week-working day -..-

Meet Nadia Qadija ♥
My gossip girl! My fitting room girl! 
My sweetheart! --->


Then, a last minute dinner plan with . .
My PLKN buddy & unofficial brother :D

We've had a long chit-chat about my life, his life & other's life.
Haha thank you for buying me a dinner adik!
Location: A&W Wangsa Walk Mall.

Lots of ♥ SERI